We will introduce you to washing and daily care methods so that you can wear HANDROOM clothes for a long time.

hand washing

1. Dissolve the specified amount of neutral detergent in water below 30℃ or lukewarm water.
2. Gently and slowly press and wash repeatedly.
3. Rinse gently and slowly with lukewarm water below 30℃.
4. Change the water and rinse again in the same way. (If using fabric softener, add it here)
5. Squeeze gently. (dehydrate)
6. After washing, please adjust the shape as soon as possible and hang or flat dry in a shaded and well-ventilated place depending on the item.

washing machine

1. Since it is easy to shrink or lose its shape due to friction, please place it in a laundry net and choose a gentle cycle of water and a light spin cycle.
2. The detergent may be uneven, so please dissolve the neutral detergent in water in a bucket before use. *Please use a detergent that does not contain fluorescent brighteners, as the fluorescent agent may stick to the area unevenly and cause a whitish discoloration in that area.
3. After washing, please adjust the shape as soon as possible and dry it in a well-ventilated place in the shade. By adjusting the shape and drying, wrinkles will be reduced.
4. Thick materials are difficult to dry, so please dry your laundry in a shaded and well-ventilated place to avoid crowding.

- Brush off dirt with a soft-bristled brush or dry, soft cloth.
- If the product gets wet or sweats, carefully wipe off the sweat and moisture with a dry, soft cloth and wash it as soon as possible. (Discoloration may occur if strong light shines on areas where sweat has accumulated)
- If you spill coffee, etc., wipe it off with a soft cloth that has been dampened with water and wrung out well, and dab lightly without rubbing too hard. (Rubbing too hard may cause whitening)

Water repellent

・In order to maintain the water repellent function for a long time, it is important not to leave adhering dirt unattended. Gently wipe off any small stains.
・Please check the washing instructions on the clothing, etc., and if it is only dry-cleaned, please take it to a dry cleaning store.
- If hand washing is possible, please use a neutral detergent and rinse thoroughly. By removing dirt and detergent, you can restore the water repellent effect.
・Please refrain from excessive washing or using detergents that contain softening ingredients, bleaching agents, optical brighteners, etc., as this may reduce the effectiveness of the water repellent finish.

How to iron

Use steam from an iron to float it. Fibers have the property of expanding when exposed to steam, so just applying steam can remove wrinkles.
When ironing, please check the care instructions for the material and refer to the information below.
1. To reduce twists and wrinkles, use an ironing board to keep the fabric as taut as possible. (For items with pleats, it is easier to iron if you first secure the pleats with clips or clothespins.)
2. Apply a patch cloth and iron. (The patch cloth should be 100% cotton fabric, a thin handkerchief, etc.)
3. After ironing, hang to dry to remove heat and moisture. *Please note that silk materials will shrink when exposed to heat.

- Sweat contains various components and varies from person to person depending on their physical condition, so even items that are considered to have no performance problems during normal wear and handling may be used in clothing due to the nature of sweat. It may react with the dye and appear in the form of discoloration. In this case, the major characteristic of the color change is that the color does not change entirely, but only in parts.
・How to deal with stains varies depending on the type, but as time passes, it becomes difficult to remove, so it is important to take prompt action such as washing your clothes as soon as possible.
・When using hand sanitizer, please be careful as it may cause discoloration depending on the material if it gets on it.

When storing clothes on hangers, leave gaps between them and the clothes to prevent wrinkles and moisture accumulation, and store them in a place away from light as this may cause discoloration.

- Because the jacket has a three-dimensional structure that follows the body, please store it on a hanger without closing the front button.
・Knit products may stretch and lose their shape, so please store them folded.
・Remove the plastic wrap that was applied at the dry cleaners and let the air air through the clothing before storing it away.
-Depending on the ingredients of insect repellents, if you mix them together, they may cause chemical changes with each other, causing each to dissolve and stick to clothing, causing stains. Be sure to use only one type, not in combination.
- Placeable insect repellents collect gas at the bottom, so if you are folding knitwear, place it on top.