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HANDROOM's classic jeans

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Shortening the length :


Tapered slim fit. It has a very versatile silhouette.

FRONT / Front
Brass zipper front and pocket edges reinforced with brass rivets. The inner thigh part is carefully sewn by craftsmen using a rolling stitch. Sturdy cotton thread with a polyester core is used in two different colors, and the stitches are sewn mainly on the 20th and 30th stitches. A thick No. 8 stitch is used for the armpits and waist areas, which require more strength, and is sewn using a union sewing machine and other authentic stitch work. Selvedge is also used on the tengu on the back of the front and the edge of the placket.

The hip patch pockets are carefully sewn one by one using a single-needle sewing machine, with hidden rivets for reinforcement and droplets on both ends of the pocket opening. Each leather patch is made of thick deerskin with a label branded on it. The powerful yoke and hemline stitches are sewn using a Union sewing machine with a beautiful stitch work that exudes a sense of speed.

These denim pants are made with the utmost care from the materials and without any compromise, making them a special pair that will become more attractive the more you wear them.

Inquiry part number: 8071-1406


waist hip rise inseam crossing width Hem opening width
XS 75 95.2 23.5 80 29.5 16.2
S 79 98.8 twenty four 80 30.5 16.7
M 83 102.4 24.5 80 31.5 17.2
L 87 106 twenty five 80 32.5 17.7
XL 95 113.6 26 80 34.9 18.7


cotton 100%

The raw cotton is a blend of Supima cotton and high-quality rice cotton, and is a custom-made yarn that is finished with long uneven shapes and short uneven shapes at random. In order to express an indigo color with less redness, we add vegetable tannins to rope-dyed pure indigo, and we use a unique rope dyeing process to achieve a realistic fading unlike any other. A special one-wash finish that leaves no glue is applied to bring out the edgy and beautiful beard that will appear over time after being worn. Please take your time and cultivate it.
The warp threads are woven using an old-fashioned power loom with low tension settings, and a special sanforized process is applied to preserve the finished texture and unique expression.
*Although the product has been washed, the waist and inseam are expected to shrink by approximately 1 to 2 cm, so please purchase a slightly larger item and wear and wash it several times before reducing the length. please.
It is possible to shorten the length at the production factory (for a fee from 2021), so please check the CONTACT section or the product page.


  • The liquid temperature is limited to 30℃, and gentle washing can be done in a washing machine.
  • Prohibition of use of chlorine and oxygen bleach
  • Do not tumble dry
  • It is best to hang dry in the shade.
  • Ironing is possible with a bottom temperature of 150℃.
  • Can perform wet cleaning with very gentle operation.
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